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Sip into the Summer!

Our teas are blended in a way that can be both refreshing or brewed hot

The cool down ideas are endless with our latest tea recipe.

Leafy Lemongrass Tea is potent and a little goes a long way.


1 cups of boiling water per serving

1 cup of cooled water per serving

1 spoonful of out Leafy Lemongrass Tea per serving

3 leaves of mint per serving for garnish and infusion

Squeeze of lemon for added brightness

Slices of citrus for garnish.


Mix water and Leafy Lemongrass Tea flavor into glass for single serve (or pitcher if making a batch).

Let stand until cooled enough to handle.

Tear mint leaves and add to cup (or pitcher).

Stir in sweetener if desired. Raw sugar works best.

Refrigerate a few hours or overnight for best flavor.

Strain when ready to drink.

Serve with ice and mint for garnish.

Cheers! Happy Teascapades!

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